Craig Rounsaville

ROUNSAVILLE-CRAIG-25Craig is the Assistant Worship Leader and Social Media Coordinator here at Baptist Temple. He has been part of BT since 2001. His vision for Baptist Temple is to involve God’s people to worship Him in a personal way each week.

Craig’s Salvation Testimony:

“Growing up in a Christian home, I heard the Gospel many times. One day when a I was 5, my sister said to me, “Me, mom and dad are going to heaven, and you’re going to be left here. So you better hurry up and get saved.” What a loving sister (Haha)! Not long after, I was listening to an evangelist on TV and I looked to my mom and said “I want to get saved.” My mom then showed me some scriptures and I prayed to ask Jesus into my heart. My dad baptized me later when I was 7.

I’ve never had a traditional call to the ministry, but I believe that every Christian has been called to serve. Growing up in church, I’ve been involved in a variety of ministries. To be real honest, most of them I didn’t seek. There was just a need, so I stepped in to help until someone else came along. In the meanwhile, I learned to love some of those ministries and am glad to be serving today.”

Some interesting facts about Craig:

“Fall is my favorite time of year because of football and hoodies! The squirrel is my favorite animal because those guys are crazy! In my free time I like to watch any kind of football, watch movies, and hang out with friends.”